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Tube measuring assembly

The AMPG permits rapid measurement of tubes and pipes in conjunction with laser tube measuring forks and FUTUREX TUBE software from ZETT MESS. The tube-measuring fork is slipped over the tube at the required measuring point. This interrupts two diagonal laser beams to generate a total of four switching points that are used to define the position. This tube measuring assembly can be used to measure all types of tubes and pipes ranging from the finest hydraulic tubes to exhaust pipes and even large pipes. ZETT MESS supplies tube-measuring forks in four sizes.

User-friendly software ensures rapid measurement of bend angles, rotation angles, lengths and diameters as well as distortion data resulting from bending processes. The correction data is transmitted directly to the CNC bending machine.

The AMPG can be quickly transferred from the tube measuring assembly to a tripod. And since the measuring system is portable, the entire system can be readily relocated within the company for exceptionally flexible service.